Tribute & Poems

Aug 14, 1988 ---- Feb 13, 2000

Samoyed Dog

Cassie Jane was a once in a lifetime dog. She was my best girlfriend from the day we brought her home as a plump white ball of fur. She never ceased to amaze me with the depth of her intelligence; for instance I took our dresser apart to move it one day and leaned the mirror up against the kitchen table. she came over and sniffed the dog in the mirror then looked at me and went around behind it to see where the other doggy was. She also had her own version of "fetch." I had to have my husband come into the living room to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Cassie would lay on the couch and I would throw her favorite ball from across the room. She'd catch it and instead of bringing it to me she'd throw it back all the time with a twinkle in her eye like she was thinking "heh heh I like this version better where I don't have to get up!" Naturally we took her canoeing with us. at one spot on the river we stopped and the kids and I went back upriver to float down on the boat cushions. After having been in the sun for several hours the cold water was rather 'stimulating,' and I let out a yell. Cassie thought I was in trouble and raced alongside me down the bank. (mind you this is a dog that really hated to get wet.) After she ran about fifty paces I could tell by the look on her face that she was coming in to save me. It was then that I stood up (the water was only about two feet deep at that point) and assured her that I was fine. She was also our armchair foreman when we remodeled our house and built a deck. Every evening she'd stroll around and sniff anything that was new. Aside from being a smart girl she knew whatever emotions I was feeling and matched her actions to them accordingly. If ever a dog knew when someone needed a big sloppy kiss it was Cassie Jane.

Naturally time waits for no one nor did it wait for her. When she was eleven she was diagnosed with cancer and we had a growth removed from her tonsils. Towards the end she swelled up below her right eye and while antibiotics kept the swelling down I knew it was only a matter of time. We spent lots of time lying on the floor together talking and remembering and I told her how much she meant to me and how I'd never forget her. I might not be able to keep her body here but she would always be alive in my heart. She'd just look at me and give me one of those sammy smiles and lick my hand. The last day of her life she went downhill fast. For her last meal I made her a steak and finally gave her the chocolate ice cream she always begged for and never got.

The trip to the vet was the longest ride I've ever taken. I had also decided long ago that I would be with her until she drew her last breath. I will never regret it for this is the dog who wanted to save me. Actually she was the dog who saved me and changed me forever. I held her and talked right into her ear as they gave her the shot: "My sweet girl what a dog you are what a life we had. You might be going to a better place but no one there will love you as much as I do." and then my Cassie Jane was gone.

I had her cremated and have her ashes in the cabinet for whenever the day is when I finish landscaping my yard. There will be a special place there called 'cassie's garden.' It will be our place full of laughter and tears and when I sit there i will hope that there is a rainbow bridge and that we'll see each other again.

Until then you silly sweet girl you are in my heart.

Now throw me that ball!