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The following is a service, written by a Christian, who wrote and used this service on July 21, 1998 to bury the ashes of his much loved Golden Retriever, formally known as Laurence's New Dundas, but given the nick-name Madge.

Of this dog, the owner has said that she brought to him great comfort in hours of distress and joy in hours of happiness. He grew to love this dog as did his family, and a large community of neighbours.

Therefore, he wrote a service, marking that all of God's creatures are sacred, and that there are those creatures whom God has chosen to be the special companions of man.

This service is written in the Classic Language of The Book of Common Prayer and reflects the Early Modern style and language of the Reformed [Anglican] Church of England, as written by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer of Canterbury in 1549, during the short reign of Edward VI.

Some may find it appropriate in its classic style. For others, the word Man, may be considered out-dated and may therefore be substituted by the modern usage: 'Man and Woman' for the older referral of all as 'Man'. Obviously the words, he/she, him/her may be substituted according to the gender of the pet.

This service may be read at the time of the decease of a pet before its body is removed for general disposal, or in the case of those who choose to have their pet individually cremated, or buried, the service may be read over the remains before cremation or at the site of the burial of the pet's ashes or remains.


{to be read at the time of decease,or before cremation, or at the time of burial of the ashes or remains}

{this Christian service of Prayer may be read by a leader, or by all who are in attendance, in unison}


Almighty and Most Merciful Father, we know that the days of our Creatures are short and that Man outliveth them.
Yet in their time there are those whom God hast chosen for the special love of Man.

So it is, that this Creature, now departed, did spend {his/her} days in the company of Man, and did teach us the pureness of love and completeness of devotion.

It is this sacred purity which lasteth but a short time.

But in it, God teaches us the trueness of love and though they not be Man, nor made in the image of God, they are the angels of this Holy Earth, and are sent here to bring Man comfort.

Some God hath chosen for Man's sustenance. Other's, that they may lessen the labours of Man. Some are brought into this earth that they may have dominion over the wildness of the earth and the sea, and others that they may ever brighten God's earth with Beauty, Grace and Song.

Still others, God hath given onto us for our solace, companionship and love.

So be it with this Creature whom God has chosen as Man's Companion: That no Man shall be alone, No Man shall not know love, and that all Men may know of the wonders of God's earth, in all of God's magnificent Creations.

For each, like Man, is sacred onto God, and though they be the gift of God, they are given to Man that he might know the wonders of all God's Creations.

Blessed be this Creature, and Blessed be those who did know, love and care for this Creature. For they have performed a sacred duty, and in this, they are better loved by God.

Let a call go out now, into the wind of this, God's Earth. That a gentle soul has laid down {his/ her} head and has returned unto God's sacred keeping.

Let the trees and grasses whisper of {his/her} devotion to Man, and that in {his/her} time {he/she} taught all of us unselfish love, devotion and obedience.

Remember therefore this Creature's life. For {he/she} has been a gift; given unto us that we may learn the sanctity of life and that all that is of God is Holy.


And therefore:

As it pleaseth Almighty God to take unto Himself the Body of His Beloved Creation,

[insert: name of pet]

so, in God's Holy Name, we commit {his/her} ashes to this Hallowed Ground, remembering that God gave unto us the Creatures of this Earth.

No Greater Gift did God give unto Man. Rest Eternal Grant Unto {Him/Her.}


[Closing Benediction:]

Let all the Creatures of this Earth be silent. Let the passing of this Beloved of God be sent as a message across the Wind. And peace, everlasting grant unto {his/her} soul.


Written and copyrighted by Timothy Laurence

and used with total permission from the author only for In Memory Of Pets

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