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Bless you and your beloved pets.
May you always find peace and comfort in sharing and visiting.

Carole and Ken Miller

A Loved One is not gone, until they are forgotten!
And to Live in the Hearts of those
left behind is to
Live Forever! ©

In Memory Of John Mingo

Carole Miller and everyone at "In Memory Of Pets" are here to offer Support and Understanding to "ALL" let you know you don't have to grieve alone after a Loss. We also wanted to offer a Special place where you can express your true feelings from your Heart with a Tribute,Memorial or a Candle Light to all Beloved Pets, each with his or her own personality (good or bad). But who, each in their own way, gave us Unconditional "Love, Happiness, and Understanding"

...their gift for a better Life here on Earth.




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